Is it ethical to place Domestic Violence behind NFL?

I have been a huge NFL lover for years – this year the union dispute with alternative ref’s made watching football painful and not enjoyable; however, who knew that I would sit in awe with my jaw dropped and mouth wide-opened that the NFL Commissioner and the KC Chief’s staff and ownership would play the game today after such a horrific tragedy.  

It was more important to “do what we do” per Coach Romeo than to stop and realize that Domestic Violence is real…it is potentially in your neighbor’s home, your friend’s home, your family member’s home and to sweep it aside to play a football game is beyond appalling. 

The NFL just established that sports is more important than someone (man, woman or child) being harmed or threatened by another person (mentally ill or not)…where were the Ethics of the NFL?

Can we say that the NFL is an organization of integrity, morality and ethical behavior now?  I think not.  


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